Sunday, 8 January 2017

Why Your Business Need Corporate Videos??

A Marketing strategy without videos is like houses without foundation. Let’s talk today about what are corporate videos and why they are important for your business.
Corporate videos are the material in the audio-visual form used for corporate communications. No doubt that they add value to your company credibility. When it comes to production of corporate videos, you have to cover all bases of your company. It’s not like a blog content that you can just go and write and publish too. For corporate videos, you have to go a way beyond your imaginations as corporate videos will be secret salesperson for your company next time.

Lastly we discussed why your business needs video content. Because videos which are used in email for lead generation increases the CTR by 200-300%. Also, as internet users are growing day by day, it is observed that 90% of people take buying decisions only after watching a product demo video or your company video!! The companies who use video content for marketing have seen an increase by 139% for brand association.
Now, question comes why corporate videos? Corporate videos help to take the following advantages for your business:
a)      Increase sales: Companies using corporate videos are more likely to generate more leads. After watching an Ad, people are likely to enquire about their product and it also results in more intent for purchasing.
b)      Greater ROI: A corporate Ad provides a greater return on investment. Although, production may seem to be expensive at once but it pays off well.
c)      Audience Engagement: We all know, people have busy life schedule now a days. So a small video clipping about your services/ products can capture large audience.
d)     Shares on Social Media Channels: Social media channels offer a great opportunity for your products and services to get shared. It also helps in positioning your brand through ads.
e)      Easy shareable: Videos are the easiest way to share information. More and more mobile users want everything on their fingertips. They want to access information just in seconds which is really justified by the means of a small video clip of your brand.

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