Thursday, 29 December 2016

Video Content is king of 2017

Of all the elements of digital marketing what tops the chart is the ContentMarketing. Very well said that content is the king. Content  Marketing of a brand can be in any form like publishing E-Banners, E-brochures,E-Catalogues, Videos, Blogs and Articles, Email Marketing, etc. Now, many start-ups face a problem that where they should invest their money while choosing the right medium for content marketing. So, answer is very simple, Videos are the most expressive way of communicating with your customers. What a 400 words article can’t do or a brand’s ten pages website can’t do. A video of just 60 seconds can do a trick!!

Videos are the most used type of content marketing. Content in the form of videos are the most effective way of doing marketing. As people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear and see. Also, it helps equally in improving your brand search engines ranking. It has also been observed that videos in mails, social media channels have better click through than just written text. It supports in building back-links as well. Also they result in lower bounce rates. It means that it will helpful in retention of more views on your content than just an ordinary written text. Wow, isn’t it?
Some more advantages of using video content for your marketing are like they help in 80% more engagement of customers in your brand. Videos promote your products and services 65% more in a better way. Marketers also use them for new lead generation as it increases the possibility by 57%.
Let’s now talk about the conversion rates. Yes, you read it very right Conversion rates we are talking about. Videos help in conversion. It has been seen that a visitor remains 88% more if the website contains a video content. It drives the traffic to your website and converts as well. Some marketers say that VIDEOMarketing is the future of 2017. So if you are moving the future, then let us make it easier for you.
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