Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Why Advertising Is Necessary ??

Recently I was driving through a quite lane and suddenly I started feeling hungry. I thought to drive to my favorite restaurant but it was too far so I dropped the idea. Then I saw a small restaurant in the right of myself. As I was hungry so I dropped in hesitantly. However, I was amazed by their ambiance and quality of food they provided. At the same time I was wondering why the place was so empty! I couldn't stop myself to ask the same to the manager and he replied like there's no customer. Only few people come regularly. They were even thinking to close the restaurant as it was running in loss. I mean how could they think even! I asked them about marketing and advertisements and they said they are not doing it. Wow! I mean there's a great place to hangout and people don't know about it. I asked them to start ad campaign. And I personally looked after it. Believe me currently that is one of the most famous restaurant around and you have to wait for your turn there. 

The summary is, no matter how good your products are, you won't get customers until they see your product and until you make them curious about your product. Marketing and advertisements does that for you. It presents your product to customers in the most catchy way so that they know it and gets interested. 
You always should remember that people will buy your product only after they know that you exist. And even if you exist according to them. Then its very necessary to show them up continuously so that they can think of buying at least once. And then onward its all about quality you provide. 

Happy advertising.

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