Sunday, 8 January 2017

Why Your Business Need Corporate Videos??

A Marketing strategy without videos is like houses without foundation. Let’s talk today about what are corporate videos and why they are important for your business.
Corporate videos are the material in the audio-visual form used for corporate communications. No doubt that they add value to your company credibility. When it comes to production of corporate videos, you have to cover all bases of your company. It’s not like a blog content that you can just go and write and publish too. For corporate videos, you have to go a way beyond your imaginations as corporate videos will be secret salesperson for your company next time.

Lastly we discussed why your business needs video content. Because videos which are used in email for lead generation increases the CTR by 200-300%. Also, as internet users are growing day by day, it is observed that 90% of people take buying decisions only after watching a product demo video or your company video!! The companies who use video content for marketing have seen an increase by 139% for brand association.
Now, question comes why corporate videos? Corporate videos help to take the following advantages for your business:
a)      Increase sales: Companies using corporate videos are more likely to generate more leads. After watching an Ad, people are likely to enquire about their product and it also results in more intent for purchasing.
b)      Greater ROI: A corporate Ad provides a greater return on investment. Although, production may seem to be expensive at once but it pays off well.
c)      Audience Engagement: We all know, people have busy life schedule now a days. So a small video clipping about your services/ products can capture large audience.
d)     Shares on Social Media Channels: Social media channels offer a great opportunity for your products and services to get shared. It also helps in positioning your brand through ads.
e)      Easy shareable: Videos are the easiest way to share information. More and more mobile users want everything on their fingertips. They want to access information just in seconds which is really justified by the means of a small video clip of your brand.

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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Video Content is king of 2017

Of all the elements of digital marketing what tops the chart is the ContentMarketing. Very well said that content is the king. Content  Marketing of a brand can be in any form like publishing E-Banners, E-brochures,E-Catalogues, Videos, Blogs and Articles, Email Marketing, etc. Now, many start-ups face a problem that where they should invest their money while choosing the right medium for content marketing. So, answer is very simple, Videos are the most expressive way of communicating with your customers. What a 400 words article can’t do or a brand’s ten pages website can’t do. A video of just 60 seconds can do a trick!!

Videos are the most used type of content marketing. Content in the form of videos are the most effective way of doing marketing. As people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 70% of what they hear and see. Also, it helps equally in improving your brand search engines ranking. It has also been observed that videos in mails, social media channels have better click through than just written text. It supports in building back-links as well. Also they result in lower bounce rates. It means that it will helpful in retention of more views on your content than just an ordinary written text. Wow, isn’t it?
Some more advantages of using video content for your marketing are like they help in 80% more engagement of customers in your brand. Videos promote your products and services 65% more in a better way. Marketers also use them for new lead generation as it increases the possibility by 57%.
Let’s now talk about the conversion rates. Yes, you read it very right Conversion rates we are talking about. Videos help in conversion. It has been seen that a visitor remains 88% more if the website contains a video content. It drives the traffic to your website and converts as well. Some marketers say that VIDEOMarketing is the future of 2017. So if you are moving the future, then let us make it easier for you.
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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why Your Business Need Online Platform??

Many people who start their business have asked me about what they need to do right? They have many other questions like the things to do differ or not for different kind of businesses! I wonder why they ask as they must be knowing such things for they are to be a businessman! Today the world has been trending in such a direction that it is easiest at the same time toughest to be a businessman and survive. However, if you put effort in a right direction then chances are that you can make it large by grabbing the eyeballs of the whole world by presentation and quality services. 

Why did I say that? Why did I wrote the word presentation? And what does it mean actually? Let me tell you. 

The world is turning digital at a great speed and very soon we will see that more than 60% population will be available online for any business. That means you have more than half a world as a potential customer not just few people and they all are achievable for any business. What will matter is how you present your product and what kind of services you provide. In presentation, you need to be specific as well interesting and attractive through your website as this website will represent you to whole world. People will see your online presence first and if they are impressed then they will go ahead and check other things.

So, if you are to start a business then first of all make a great website which looks easy to understand as well as attractive at the same time. There are many website designing companies around who will help you in making a website for your company. 

What next after a website? We will talk about it in our upcoming posts.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why Video Marketing Is Future Of 2017 ??

What does comes to your mind when you hear or read the word video production? And what does a video have to do with a business? I mean what is the relationship? Well, a lot of things jump into head like films, TV series, you tube videos, tvcs and many more. However there are a lot of differences between all the categories of video making. And among all these categories tvcs, Animation videos, you-tube videos can be used to promote a business. Now you may question yourself that how can we use this, what is the cost involvement and how can be it fruitful to a business. Let me elaborate then. 

First of all, no matter what kind of video you are creating for your business and what platform you are going to use, this can really take your business to a next level. As a catchy and interesting video of your product can make people curious about your product and in the process you will end up increasing your client list and customers for sure. 
The costing depends on the  type of video you are making as well the platform you are going to use to promote. If you are going to use the video on television then you must go for TV commercials and it may cost you a good amount as a lot of things are involved like streaming cost, cast and crew cost, scripting cost etc. However if you don't have that good a budget then you can go for 2D and 3D animation videos and use social media as well you-tube to promote and believe me, this too works more than you are expecting it too as social media is the new world people have started living in. 
So don't wait and get your promotional video done now.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Why Advertising Is Necessary ??

Recently I was driving through a quite lane and suddenly I started feeling hungry. I thought to drive to my favorite restaurant but it was too far so I dropped the idea. Then I saw a small restaurant in the right of myself. As I was hungry so I dropped in hesitantly. However, I was amazed by their ambiance and quality of food they provided. At the same time I was wondering why the place was so empty! I couldn't stop myself to ask the same to the manager and he replied like there's no customer. Only few people come regularly. They were even thinking to close the restaurant as it was running in loss. I mean how could they think even! I asked them about marketing and advertisements and they said they are not doing it. Wow! I mean there's a great place to hangout and people don't know about it. I asked them to start ad campaign. And I personally looked after it. Believe me currently that is one of the most famous restaurant around and you have to wait for your turn there. 

The summary is, no matter how good your products are, you won't get customers until they see your product and until you make them curious about your product. Marketing and advertisements does that for you. It presents your product to customers in the most catchy way so that they know it and gets interested. 
You always should remember that people will buy your product only after they know that you exist. And even if you exist according to them. Then its very necessary to show them up continuously so that they can think of buying at least once. And then onward its all about quality you provide. 

Happy advertising.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Why We Need A website ?

What you normally do when you hear some company name or need a vendor or anything for some work, or even when you get a call for job for some company? Well, let me tell you what I do. I simply google the name and if google shows appropriate results matching what I have searched for, I try to find the official website of that company and try to look for what people and other websites are saying about that company. And only after I am satisfied enough with the content on the official website, its authenticity, and reputation of its presence, I step forward to work with that company. If I don't find it good enough, I stop there and try some other name. 

And I guess, in this fast growing virtual world every one does the same. Don't you agree with me? That means no matter what company you are, a start up or a well established, your presence online through a website and other sources is very much important today. So that people can find you, customers can track you and your authenticity. 
In other words, a well established active website is a trend today to impress the potential customers and convert them into a buyer or a client. Now, you must be wondering about how to get a website done. Its easy dear friend. Just try searching for the best digital marketing companies or best website developers around. You will find plenty of option. Just pick the best one according to their reputation and quality and you are done. 
So when you are going online with your website?

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why Music Is Useful For Business

No matter how busy we are or upset we are, when the soothing piece of music enters our ear we start the journey to a very beautiful world unknowingly very immediately. That the power of music. It heals the mind and the heart. It soothes the senses. And it observes the pain. Well, I don't think that you are unaware of the effects of music on a human. But do you know that music makes a great affect on animals too. They too get addicted tk music sometimes or the other and changes their behavior after good piece of music enters their heart. You may observe this yourself by playing music in front of your pet as I did. In the start it didn't take much of interest but slowly and steadily he got addicted to it and now the situation is, until he doesn't listen to songs he doesn't start his day. Well that no more strange for me now nor it should be got you as well. That the power of music. 

You may ask in what ways it can be beneficial for business, then I must tell you that no matter how you are using such music for your product it will only boost your business. You may use it in the form of the background music when doing video marketing. You may use it as a jingle for marketing purpose. Or even you can use it as a theme for your product like the Parle and Britania did. Note here that whenever we hear those piece of music we immediately know that the product is Britania or Parle or something else. 
So, you can also go for music production fly your product and there are many video marketing or music production or digital marketing company which can help you.
Happy marketing.